Wifi Controller

Introducing the new Sanden Wifi Controller * – now you’re in control!

The Sanden Wifi Controller provides remote access to the Sanden GAU-A45HPD** Heat Pump unit, via a smartphone or tablet.

With smart features including One Touch Boost, Multiple Timer Programming and Energy Saver Mode, it puts the power of hot water control right at your fingertips.

The smarter, more convenient way to manage your hot water usage 

With the Sanden WiFi Controller, you can control your Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System from anywhere with an internet connection. The Wifi Controller works seamlessly with the Sanden Eco® Plus app, which provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to customise settings and receive alerts if any issues arise.

Optimise your energy usage with the Sanden WiFi Controller to save more on energy bills and create a more sustainable future.

Smart features include:

  • One touch boost – you will never be without hot water!

  • Multiple timer programming – set schedules for when the hot water should be heated, to tie in with your PV generation or avoid peak tariff periods.

  • Energy saver mode – reduce your hot water energy consumption with the option of switching to minimum energy use. For example, you can set the controller to switch off the hot water system during periods when you’re not at home, or when hot water is not needed.

  • Monitor your energy usage – real-time data reporting helps you learn about your hot water usage patterns and optimise your energy consumption

  • Error reporting – get alerts and notifications for maintenance and troubleshooting, so you can keep your hot water system running smoothly.

  • Remote access by authorised Sanden installers – to complete health checks and fault finding.



Got a new Sanden wifi controller?

* Patent Pending

** The Sanden Wifi Controller is designed to operate with the Sanden GAU-A45HPD Heat Pump unit. It is not compatible with other Sanden heat pump units.