What do you like most about Sanden’s system?

Sheena – Sanden Customer

I am a return customer to New Gen Solar! I was thoroughly impressed with the company’s service and how quiet and efficient the Sanden Eco unit was 2 yrs ago, that I didn’t hesitate to speak to Ben again for my new home’s hot water needs.

As usual, excellent communication from Ben, and professional, friendly service from both plumbing and electrical teams.

Sanden may be expensive, but worth every cent. Even on days of gloomy weather with no sun in sight, it still manages to heat up and provide us with hot water. My unit is set up on timer to feed of the solar panels.

Highly recommended company and product!

Matthias – Pure Electric

Can’t live without it, 5 stars

Far better than Reclaim white label imported rebadged which is a copy of Sanden (70% same with Chinese controller). Cheaper Reclaim unit has tank has no dedicated resistor well. No dedicated flow and return ports, default tank is cheap vitreous enamel. The thermistor in Reclaim is like a catheter inserted in the machine via the shared cold water mains and heat pump flow port. The reliability of no dedicated resister well means that the Reclaim needs a controller that can turn on and off many times, while a Sanden will do most people’s hot water on one 2-4 hour run each day without a hiccup. 

Sanden served me and my extended family well for 12 years. 

Simon – Sanden Customer

Sanden Eco Heat Pump Hot Water System 315lts, 5 stars

Very quiet operation. Can’t hear when running unless closer than 2 meters away and then confirm its running by looking at the fan (because it is so quiet). Our old electric HWS contributed 30% of our electricity bill. I expect now our Hot water bill should be <10% of our total bill.

Ron Oo – Sanden Customer

Best part of eco refit, 5 stars

I was lucky enough to have this unit installed as part of the Vic Gov, energy upgrades for pensioners. It has worked as promised and I have been able to disconnect gas from my home. I am saving around $500 a year in gas costs and my electricity cost have fallen as well. Thanks for such a well designed and manufactured unit and thanks to Gary and the team at Hills energy for the professional set up and installation.

Ken W – Sanden Customer

Extremely efficient and quiet, 5 stars

I purchased a new Sanden heat pump with 315L SS tank recently. We had hot water within 20 mins of installation. It’s so quiet and the block out timer allows mine to run with solar PV.

Neil – Sanden Customer

Our Sanden Heat Pump has now been operating for 12 months and I’m pleased to say with our 5 Kw Hybrid inverter we have enjoyed free hot water with this very efficient and environmentally friendly system

Mary – Sanden Customer

NewGen installed a Sanden heat pump HWS for us over 3 years ago, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the performance of our replacement HWS. The cost savings have been impressive, and the service during both the original installation and follow up have been excellent.

Neil – Sanden Customer

Works perfectly, installed 4 years ago. 5 stars

Great product – allows us to make the most of the power output from the rooftop solar panels. The unit has worked perfectly from the initial installation. The only regular maintenenace is to test the two valves six monthly which takes a minute.

Tuyet Nguyen – Sanden Customer

Sanden is excellent so cheap for hot water, 5 stars

It’s wonderful to have a state of the art Sanden unit. It’s the market leader and the quality is just excellent. So whisper quiet. I didn’t believe the sales guy at first at how quiet it is but despite being below my son’s bedroom window I can’t hear a thing inside or even standing in front of it. The sanden plus an induction cooktop has allowed to get me off gas. Great product and worth every cent.

Facility Manager – Sanden Customer

Excellent product performance, 5 stars

We have two Sandens installed on our roof providing showers and hot water service to people in 18 office spaces in our building. They were installed in 2015 and have been running beautifully ever since. We just had Pure Electric out for the 5 year service and they have installed a reverse flush valve kit which allows us to keep the units running optimally with a simple 2 minute annual purge.

Shelley – Sanden Customer

Thank you to Ben and the team at NewGen for a fast, efficient and tidy install of our Sanden heat pump. I made an on-line enquiry one evening and by the following afternoon the system was installed, delivering hot water and the old, non-functioning gas unit had been removed from site. Despite some reservations about potential noise the Sanden heat pump is proving to be whisper quiet

Rina – Sanden Customer

I chose a Sanden from NewGen on the recommendation of a friend when looking to replace my faulty gas hot water heater. I am very pleased to have an environmentally friendly Sanden heat pump system in its place delivering plenty of lovely hot water without missing a beat. New Gen have offered excellent service, with advice, explanations and prompt installation. I can warmly recommend NewGen and the Sanden system they installed.

Eco Living Centre

When you are discussing options with customers looking for a new hot water system what is it they are looking for? Most customers want an energy saving alternative to electric hot water systems. They want one that meets their current and future needs and will save money from day one. They also want a quiet system that is reliable.

Alan Roberts – Sanden Customer

Having said that we are really happy with the operation of the unit despite the conditions – it is incredibly quiet, extremely efficient, unobtrusive, and has made a huge difference to our energy use and costs.

Read about his experience here

Affordable Solar

They sell themselves because they are the best heat pump hot water system on the market.  They qualify for more stc’s (rebate) than any other heat pump in the Australian market.  This is because they are the most efficient.  A lot of other heat pump hot water systems have a back-up electric element which cuts in at 5 degrees.  Its 5 degrees or below for a lot of the time in Tassie which means those systems with back-up elements run just like a typical inefficient traditional hot water system for a lot of the time.  The Sanden runs to -10 degrees without an element!  The other thing I like is the noise it makes or lack of, just 38db.  I’ve heard noisier computers.

Australian Hot Water – Carringbah

What I love about the Sanden Heat pump is its ability to perform and create enough hot water for every customer we have installed one for. This gives myself and our staff great confidence that we are giving our customers a honest and worthwhile solution to their hot water needs.

Australian Hot Water – Canberra

They are current unique in our market (heat pump that actually works), meets all LDA requirements and don’t give us any headaches.


The thing I like the most about Sanden heat pumps is that what you quote the customer is what the customer gets. A reliable energy efficient product with great warranty at a fantastic price.

Lindsay & Christine, Mornington Peninsula VIC

After our 6 year old Quantum heat pump imploded due to electrolysis we checked the reviews on most efficient and cost effective hot water alternatives and settled on the Sanden Eco 315 heat pump which best took advantage of our solar array.Ben Cole from Newgen Solar in Melbourne visited us to outline the attributes of the system which included very quiet fan operation, stainless Australian made 316 tank with a 15 year guarantee, ( no annode needed ) , quality installation and removal of our defunct unit.

Rob, New South Wales

About 3 months ago I bought and installed a Sanden Heat Pump HWS. Its fantastic. Incredibly efficient = cheap to run and even though it sits just outside my study window, I’ve never heard it running. I/we love it. 

Rob Patterson – Sanden Customer

“It’s incredibly efficient and cheap to run, and even though it sits just outside my study window, I never hear it running. I couldn’t love it more!”

Tim Prohasky – Solar Flow Services

Recommends the Sanden Eco® Plus because it’s the “quietest, most efficient hot water system available on the market. Its highest rebates and best warranties continually outperform competition by a country mile.”

Steve Good – @HeatPump Systems, Maroochydore

Believes customers who wish to purchase a hot water heat pump system, look for “quality, reliability and company back up if there are any issues. The Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System caters to all of the above.”