The Sanden Heat Pump Advantage

Hot Water Systems and Energy Costs

An air-sourced heat pump absorbs heat from the air and transfers it to heat water. It runs on electricity but is roughly three times more efficient than a conventional electric water heater. 

The Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump is designed to save you energy and money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Industry leading energy efficiency

A Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump uses industry-leading technology found in refrigeration and air conditioning units, where energy is drawn in from the ambient atmosphere and transferred into heat.

Using radically less electricity when compared to conventional hot water systems, this system will save you up to 80%* of your hot water energy costs, year after year. And no, it doesn’t involve cold showers!

How it works

Less energy, less impact on the environment, more savings.

Sanden’s Eco Plus Hot Water Heat Pump technology uses 0.84kW^ of energy to generate 4.99kW of heat – that’s 80% less energy compared to traditional hot water systems. When considering that electricity price hikes will continue to hit households year after year, it becomes the best, financially sustainable option on the market.

The system is ranked alongside solar energy in terms of environmental friendliness, making it eligible for rebates and incentives. It offers the highest level of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) of any hot water heat pump system, saving you hundreds at the outset.

Peace of mind with Australia’s best warranties

The Sanden system offers the best warranties currently available for any Hot Water Heat Pump system – 6 years full parts and labour on the Heat Pump Unit and 15 years Pro Rata full parts and labour on all Stainless Steel tanks.

Our warranties

Innovative technology for all climates & seasons

Compared with a conventional electric system, Sanden’s Japanese-made heat pump features up to 50 per cent faster heat recovery. In ambient air of 20oC, it takes just 4 hours to heat 315 litres of water from 17oC to 63oC.

An in-built freeze protection cycle makes the Hot Water Heat Pump system suitable for all of Australia’s climates throughout the entire year.

Further, it has an automatic heating cycle, ideal for use with off-peak power and does not require a backup booster. 

All Sanden stainless steel tanks are Australian-made, fully insulated for minimal heat loss and have been mains pressure rated.

Sanden Eco® Plus Features & Benefits

National Sanden Dealer Network

Our fully trained and accredited National Sanden Dealer network offers a complete and professional service to the consumer – each Loyal Dealer is presented with a Sanden Certificate, which proves their status to the consumer.

Our Sanden Warranty will only apply to Sanden HWHP systems that are installed and approved by an authorised and trained specialist Sanden Dealer/Installer.

For perfect installation first time and professional warranty followup, contact your local Sanden Dealer.

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Operating in Australia for over 45 years

Sanden is the original and best Hot Water Heat Pump manufacturer in Australia. Operating in Australia for over 45 years, we launched the R744 Ecocute Hot Water Heat Pump here in September 2011. 

Sanden is a Japanese-owned global business, which has earned a solid reputation as a leader in the field of heating and cooling technology. Our focus is to improve the living standards of all Australians, via the development of environmentally-advanced products.

With more than 80 years experience in the production and global supply of air conditioning compressors, we have applied our advanced understanding of heat transfer technologies to the home environment, resulting in the development of the Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System. This highly innovative hot water system is manufactured in Japan.

Whisper Quiet Operation

When purchasing a hot water heat pump, noise levels are an important consideration. Sanden’s extensive research has delivered a ‘whisper quiet’ operating noise level (37dB) that ensures both you and your neighbours’ lifestyles remains unaffected by its operation. 

dB Example Appliances
0 healthy hearing threshold  
10 a pin dropping  
20 rustling leaves  
30 whisper SANDEN ECO PLUS
40 bebbling stream computer
50 light traffic refrigerator
60 conversational speech air conditioner
70 shower dishwasher
80 alarm clock garbage disposal
90 squeeze toy lawn mower
100 motorcycle (riding)  
110 rock band  
120 thunderclap  
130 peak stadium crowd noise  
140 jet engine at takeoff  
150 fighter jet launch  
160 shotgun  
170 safety airbag  
180 rocket launch  

Take control with the Sanden Wifi Controller

The Sanden Wifi Controller** is designed to provide remote access to the Sanden GAU-A45HPD Heat Pump unit, via a smartphone or tablet.

With smart functions including One Touch Boost, Multiple Timer Programming and Energy Saver Mode, stay in control of your hot water use and save on energy bills!

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* Calculated using ORER methodology

** Patent Pending

^ At 32.45 ºC ambient / 18.74 ºC cold water inlet