Questions for Australian Hot Water – Macarthur

Posted: December 2, 2015

Why did you get into the hot water industry?

I left school in 1985 and started a plumbing apprenticeship in 1986. All the employees I have worked for have been hot water specialists, so it was just a transition that came easily.


Tell us about a day in your life at work?

A day in my life being a plumber is undoubtedly being out and about all day, seeing new places and meeting new people. The work takes me all over Macarthur, and the variety of jobs means it’s hard to get bored.

I also enjoy the technical aspect, as identifying a problem and working out how to fix it delivers a real sense of satisfaction.


What do you like most about Sanden’s system?

The thing I like the most about Sanden heat pumps is that what you quote the customer is what the customer gets. A reliable energy efficient product with great warranty at a fantastic price.


When you are discussing options with customers looking for a new hot water system what is it they are looking for?

Customers are looking for durability, longevity, energy efficient and price.

Sanden heat pumps tick all of the above boxes as well as being whisper quiet.


What is your top tip for saving energy at home?

An energy efficient water heater is a great start to saving energy in the home as it uses approximately 25% of your homes energy. So if you can make significant savings with your water heating your bills are destined to be lower. Also stick to short, four-minute showers. You’ll save water, energy and money.

Switch from a standard showerhead to a 3-star rated head. You could reduce your hot water by half.


What are the most important things people should consider with their hot water when renovating or building a new home?

The most important issue when building is basic and that the water heater they choose meets the requirements. Sanden as a product exceeds this, along with its great warranty and performance it’s a winner all round.