Questions for Affordable Solar

Posted: November 12, 2015

Why did you get into the hot water industry?

We got into the hot water industry because it complimented our solar power business.  Our clients are interested in saving money & helping the environment so it was a logical progression to expand into efficiently generated hot water.


Tell us about a day in your life at work?

A typical day in our working life involves answering phone calls which in turn leads to visiting prospective clients in their homes to assess the viability of solar power/solar hot water or heat pump hot water.  A site visit is a must to ensure that any system will work efficiently & meet our clients requirements.  


What do you like most about Sanden’s system?

They sell themselves because they are the best heat pump hot water system on the market.  They qualify for more stc’s (rebate) than any other heat pump in the Australian market.  This is because they are the most efficient.  A lot of other heat pump hot water systems have a back-up electric element which cuts in at 5 degrees.  Its 5 degrees or below for a lot of the time in Tassie which means those systems with back-up elements run just like a typical inefficient traditional hot water system for a lot of the time.  The Sanden runs to -10 degrees without an element!  The other thing I like is the noise it makes or lack of, just 38db.  I’ve heard noisier computers.


When you are discussing options with customers looking for a new hot water system what is it they are looking for?

Most of our clients primarily are looking to save money on their hot water bills but there are some that buy just to help the environment and that’s why they buy the most efficient Sanden.


What is your top tip for saving energy at home?

There are loads of ways to save energy at home.  One that will cost you nothing is to turn off your appliances at the power point.  It sounds simple and it is.  My amplifier alone was costing me $220 per year just to have it turned on at the power point!


What are the most important things people should consider with their hot water when renovating or building a new home?

Make sure your hot water cylinder is located close to the kitchen and bathroom taps.  This will ensure that the hot water flows quickly.  Also insulate the hot water pipes.