Cost savings achieved by a Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System versus a conventional electric hot water system.

This table presents electricity consumption figures recorded by a Sanden customer, who replaced his conventional electric Rheem Hot Water System with a Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump System, on 4.10.10. He lives in the Sydney Metro area (i.e. STC Zone 3), has a family of 4 people (ie. Husband, Wife & 2 x Children) using hot water and uses Off-Peak Controlled Load 2.

As can be seen, the reduction in usage achieved for the 2010/11 period, versus prior year, was approx. 80%, while the reduction in $ Cost for the same period was 77% and this was despite a change of supplier and a more expensive tariff (ie. increase of 18.7%).


Did you know that Heat Pump technology is more energy efficient than Solar?

During the period 2009 - 2013, the Campbell Creek Energy Efficient Home Project* compared the energy usage of three homes, each with different types of water heaters. Test results for the period January to December 2012, confirmed that the Solar Flat Panel system used 38% more energy than the Hot Water Heat Pump.


Hot Water Systems Energy Usage Comparisons

  • House 1 (CC1) - Electric, 50 gal capacity, EF=0.86, usage= 60 gal/day, set temp=120oF
  • House 2 (CC2) - Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater, 50gal, EF =2.4, set temp = 120oF, usage=60 gal/day
  • House 3 (CC3) - Solar Water Heater, 85 gal, EF =0.91, set temp = 120oF, 60 ft2 collector area, electric pumps, usage=60 gal/day

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