Questions for URECO Solar

Why did you get into the hot water industry?
Primarily to save people money and bring technology into the sector that has a rather archaic mindset
Tell us about a day in your life at work?
This starts early making sure our in-house plumber are prepared for the day ahead.  Then fielding calls throughout the day from potential clients while dealing with any emergency hot water issues.
What do you like most about Sanden’s system?
In-built intelligence. With it’s error coding we can get most potential no hot water issues dealt with over the phone, or at least getting them back to hot water through a full heat cycle until a technician can get out there.
When you are discussing options with customers looking for a new hot water system what is it they are looking for?
Every customer is different so I ask them basic questions and look at satellite footage of their roof.  98% of the time we can work out what they are looking for over the phone.
What is your top tip for saving energy at home?
Use timers where possible to benefit from electrical tariffs and/or solar power feed-in rates.
What are the most important things people should consider with their hot water when renovating or building a new home?
Close proximity of the hws to kitchen. This tends to be the most frequently opened tap and for short periods of time comparative to showers.  It also allows dedicated untempered line to be installed.

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