Questions for Whywait Plumbing

Why did you get into the hot water industry?
As a maintenance based plumbing company it is a simple progression into hot water work as we service a large area and everybody needs there hot water, who better to call than a company with the expertise to repair or replace.
Tell us about a day in your life at work?
Start early get the days schedule ready for the boys, invoice, quote, deal with everyday issues like broken equipment, stocking etc, generally finish after dark, visit sites and clients, drive home and repeat.

What do you like most about Sanden’s system?
The noise or lack there of when the compressor is running, our plumbing supervisor has a competitors heat pump installed and got quite upset when turning a Sanden on for the first time, I myself found it pretty funny.

When you are discussing options with customers looking for a new hot water system what is it they are looking for?
It really depends on the customer we pride ourselves on trying to fit the right product with the right customer, it is a bit of a balancing act and showing people that a higher initial outlay will pay off over time.

What is your top tip for saving energy at home?
My wife would say switching off the lights, but generally if you are energy conscious look at ways to reduce your energy consumption, know what star ratings your appliances are switch off things you aren’t using rather than using them on stand by or running a beer fridge that is empty.

What are the most important things people should consider with their hot water when renovating or building a new home?
The location and size of the tank are very important, you want to make sure it will service all your hot water needs. I would also say consider the warranty, material the tank is constructed of and the reputation of the manufacturer

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