What do you like most about Sanden’s system?

They sell themselves because they are the best heat pump hot water system on the market.  They qualify for more stc’s (rebate) than any other heat pump in the Australian market.  This is because they are the most efficient.  A lot of other heat pump hot water systems have a back-up electric element which cuts in at 5 degrees.  Its 5 degrees or below for a lot of the time in Tassie which means those systems with back-up elements run just like a typical inefficient traditional hot water system for a lot of the time.  The Sanden runs to -10 degrees without an element!  The other thing I like is the noise it makes or lack of, just 38db.  I’ve heard noisier computers.  - Affordable Solar

When you are discussing options with customers looking for a new hot water system what is it they are looking for? Most customers want an energy saving alternative to electric hot water systems. They want one that meets their current and future needs and will save money from day one. They also want a quiet system that is reliable. - Eco Living Centre

What I love about the Sanden Heat pump is its ability to perform and create enough hot water for every customer we have installed one for. This gives myself and our staff great confidence that we are giving our customers a honest and worthwhile solution to their hot water needs. - Australian Hot Water – Carringbah 

They are current unique in our market (heat pump that actually works), meets all LDA requirements and don’t give us any headaches. - Australian Hot Water - Canberra

The thing I like the most about Sanden heat pumps is that what you quote the customer is what the customer gets. A reliable energy efficient product with great warranty at a fantastic price. - Macarthur

In-built intelligence. With it’s error coding we can get most potential no hot water issues dealt with over the phone, or at least getting them back to hot water through a full heat cycle until a technician can get out there. - URECO Solar

The Sanden Systems are efficient, reliable and quiet. - Heat Pump Systems

After our 6 year old Quantum heat pump imploded due to electrolysis we checked the reviews on most efficient and cost effective hot water alternatives and settled on the Sanden Eco 315 heat pump which best took advantage of our solar array.Ben Cole from Newgen Solar in Melbourne visited us to outline the attributes of the system which included very quiet fan operation, stainless Australian made 316 tank with a 15 year guarantee, ( no annode needed ) , quality installation and removal of our defunct unit. - Lindsay & Christine, Mornington Peninsula VIC

About 3 months ago I bought and installed a Sanden Heat Pump HWS. Its fantastic. Incredibly efficient = cheap to run and even though it sits just outside my study window, I've never heard it running. I/we love it. - Rob, New South Wales


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